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Book of Spirits: An Ethereal Supplement for 5E

by Beyond the Screen

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Inspired by the legendary worlds of Dragon Age and Stormlight Archive, the Book of Spirits brings a new realm of adventure to 5th Edition games.

Introducing the Resonance System

Spirits are emotions incarnate; perfectly in tune with the emotion that created them. With the Resonance system, roleplaying your character's emotions affects the outcome of battle when facing spirits. A resolute stand against your biggest fear weakens a terror spirit, just as giving in to anger empowers a spirit of wrath.

Resonance Rules Infographic

The Resonance system lends itself to cathartic moments, where heroes defeat adversaries by overcoming their own mental barriers and finding strength within themselves. DMs can use the system to evoke the backstory of player characters in the face of conflict, enhancing drama and encouraging character growth.

Fuse with spirits to strengthen your body and unlock mystical powers with the new conduit class. Stand in the front line, support your allies with your attuned spirit’s buffs and punish foes that dare attack you with your spirit lash. Choose between the Code of the Harvest, where spirits become your instrument to unleash raw power, and the Code of Sympathy, where your bond becomes a means by which you protect yourself and your allies.

Engage with 50+ spirit creatures, each representing a different aspect of the humanoid psyche. Face your fears in combat; meet your deepest regrets made manifest; dance with spirits of joy, or find strength in manifestations of hope and unity. Some spirits can bless or curse characters with boons and banes. Reward your players with 30+ unlocked powers, or use them to drive the narrative and inspire roleplay.

Spread from the Book of Spirits Sample

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