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CLOSES TODAY! 🦄 Egoraven: Heir of the First Unicorn – # 1 - 8 & Vol 1 Trade

by Daphne Lage

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Follow the adventure of a unicorn princess exiled into the mortal realm after she is betrayed by her elf prince husband-to-be and dragons overtake her kingdom. But when Egoraven becomes an unwitting pawn in a noblewoman's attempt to avoid an arranged marriage, she trains to become a knight with the help of an unlikely trio of blacksmiths, hoping she can ultimately win a king's favor and save her people.

EGORAVEN: Heir of the First Unicorn issue eight has Egoraven, an exiled half-unicorn, half-human princess, learning just how far the elf prince Rillian is willing to go to force her to return to her homeland of Edinrahn and face the Dragon Lords directly.  

With her life in the kingdom of Men crumbling and rumors of dragons on the move coupled with a blood moon, the mage-priests call for Egoraven's head to appease the gods.  

Meanwhile, Lady Alexandria has disappeared, and Orchid tries in vain to calm the enraged knight Cerrik Denajou, who has found that his betrothed was planning to run off to Edinrahn. But it's not Egoraven who suddenly has the noblewoman's heart.

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EGORAVEN: Heir of the First Unicorn is a medieval fantasy drama created, written, and illustrated by Daphne Lage - Artist of TALL TAILS. This is a 15-issue comic series in the style of The Chronicles of Narnia and The Witcher, and the eighth issue is 32 pages in FULL COLOR.

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