Get Ready for the d20 Tribute GM Screen

by Dog Might Games

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Inspiration. The d20 Tribute GM Screen is the cumulation of a decade of designing and crafting TTRPG gear. With three flavors to choose from, a fully magnetic break apart system, and a massive array of customization options, this screen will be the pinnacle of your next adventure.

Break apart design. All screens feature a break apart magnetic design for easy storage.

Measurements. Fully assembled the screen is approximately 40 x 9 in. The center panel measures 16 x 9 in. The side panels measure 12 x 9 in.

Pivots. Metal rods attach firmly to powerful magnets on the side of each panel and hold your screen together to allow full rotation of each panel to fit your table and GM style. 

Magnetic System. 20 Embedded magnets on the back of the screen for holding 3 included Plexi panels (two small panels, and one large panel) for note taking or steel bearings for posting charts and tables. 10 Bearings are included with every Screen to pin your papers and notes.

Accessories. All accessories are compatible with our magnetic system and can be arranged in a wide variety of configurations. From inline Dice Towers, to footprint expanding GM Decks, to utility driven Miniatures shelves, we have you covered.

Initiative Trackers. Each screen comes with 6 initiative trackers that sit inline on the top of each panel.

Finish. Available in three finishes: Classic, Blood Magic, and Mosaic. Our finishing process is light fast and will never fade or change.

Protection. All products are double coated with catalyzed lacquer for a lifetime of durability.

Materials. Each panel is crafted from 0.625" solid, kiln dried Curly Maple. Our screens are created from hand selected boards, banded together horizontally to prevent movement of the wood for a lifetime of use.

Guarantee. Like all Dog Might products, the d20 Tribute comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.

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