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Get Ready for The Hilarious Adventures of the Heroes of Frivolity

by Cosmic Comics

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On the distant planet Humoria, where laughter is the currency and the main source of energy, a catastrophe occurs. Malicious boredom-bots, created by the evil vizier Wake-Upus, seize funny books and movies, destroying them, and activate the Bore-O-Matic, turning all the planet's inhabitants into serious and dull individuals.

Not A Main Heroes

  • Captain Chuckles - a former stand-up comedian with an uncontrollable sense of humor but inept in combat.

  • Doctor Giggles - a scientist and inventor whose antics with equipment always result in comical pluses and minuses.

  • LaughterLass - a young girl with laughter therapy in her blood, capable of inducing laughter even in the most serious enemies.

  • Mime Monkey - a clown and acrobat, always blowing up situations with unexpected tricks.

The heroes embark on a rescue mission, encountering wild adventures, absurd battles with the boredom-bots, and comedic attempts to bring humor back into the lives of Humoria's inhabitants. All their efforts are accompanied by laughter, confusion, and unexpected comic twists.

In the final showdown with Wake-Upus, the heroes realize that the only way to defeat him is to detonate his malicious boredom device using the most amusing and nonsensical joke they can come up with.

After their victory, humor returns to the planet Humoria, and the heroes continue their comedic adventures, striving to make the world a funnier and more amusing place.

Can we count on your pledge for our upcoming project?

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