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Fiendish Forge

by Io Publishing

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A monster-hunting supplement to bring carving and crafting into your TTRPG World. 

Welcome to Fiendish Forge!  Io Publishing's love letter to games such as Monster Hunter.  

This book supplements 5e TTRPGs - a hybrid of a Creature's Compendium and a Magic Item's Guide.

40 Detailed Creatures, Fully Illustrated

  • More than a stat block, each creature has a minimum of 6 pages dedicated to them to arm with as much information as you need to place in your world.  Each creature has a list of regional effects on how they affect the world around them, with an Organization stat to help suggest other creatures that may fight alongside these powerful foes.  
  • Bloodied, Phases, and alternate Vulnerability rulesets are included to level up your combat experience.
  • Each creature has a quest, making it easy for GMs to plan sessions to stop these powerful fiends.
  • In addition, we wanted to display each creature in illustrious detail - that's why each foe will have full art created, showing off scenes of these foes to inspire GMs even further.

The Axe Beak Executioner charges with their flock.

 Modular Material Gathering System

  • Fiendish Forge includes a fun and rewarding material-gathering system in which everyone can participate. Gathering materials from fallen creatures requires no prerequisite skill - and each creature has its own table with parts - entirely written out and illustrated. 
  • While the Material Gathering system does not require skill checks - it doesn't mean you can't benefit from them.  The Skill Check Support system will allow those trained to assist in material gathering - including bonuses to Material Gathering and potentially gathering more materials than a party without an expert.
  • Materials gathered can be sold - an easy way to gain some extra gold - or be used to craft powerful items.
  • Every material will include an illustration!

Some of the materials gathered from the Axe Beak Executioner.

A Modular Crafting System that compliments gameplay, not takes over

  • Fiendish Forge features a crafting system without DCs - allowing players to utilize materials they gather to create powerful items for the party.  Anyone can quickly craft an item during a Long Rest using gold or prerequisite material categories if they have proficiency in the prerequisite tool. 
  • There are, however, bonuses that assist the crafting process.  Materials are broken up into categories and rarity - and using the appropriate item rarity in a material provides a material value bonus - allowing crafters to make items for cheaper.  Those with expertise in tools gain a further discount.
  • Crafting materials are broken up into categories - meaning items gathered can be used in many projects - not just one or two.  No worry about materials wasting away in your inventory during the entire campaign!
  • While we believe crafting shouldn't be punishing - our modular rulesets will include options to allow crafting to provide a degree of difficulty for tables that desire it.
  • Every item will include an illustration!
Some items crafted from the materials of an Axe Beak Executioner.

This is just the smallest of previews for our book - and we hope to show off more during our Backerkit campaign. We will include a Sample PDF - featuring our material gathering and crafting rules, and a creature entry - the Axe Beak Executioner - so you can try it for yourself!

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Can we count on your pledge for our upcoming project?

Join 555 other people!

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