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Memento Mori - A Roleplaying Game of Dreams and Corruption

by Two Little Mice

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You Must Die. But You Still Can Dream...

Box Art by Daniela Giubellini

Memento Mori is a role-playing game in which Players come together to recreate the adventures of a group of Drifters.
Drifters are people sick with the plague who, despite their condition and the terrible reality of 14th century Europe, are determined to fulfill their Dream.

The sickness plaguing them opens the doors to a new and dark world, full of power, suffering, horror, and opportunities beyond imagination. The cold hand of fate offers Drifters one last opportunity to succeed before the disease consumes them completely.

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Drifters are not destined to become heroes in the classical sense. As their powers grow, the corruption of the plague consumes them. They know that there will be no happily ever after, only eternal rest. Their only hope, is that they might have a chance to see their Dream come true before departing.

Memento Mori is an extremely rule-light, narrative focused RPG designed for a mature audience.
Beautifully illustrated by Francesco Biagini, Fabio Porfidia, Alessandro Manzella and other talented Italian artists, with a marvelous box/screen art by Daniela Giubellini. Written and designed by Marco B. Bucci and Andrea Felicioni, and produced by Two Little Mice (Household, Outgunned, Broken Compass, and creative directors of Inferno: Dante's Guide to Hell and Apocalisse: John's Guide to the Armageddon).

Can we count on your pledge for our upcoming project?

Join 4,823 other people!

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