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Get Ready for A Year of New Races and Ancestries for 5E and Pathfinder!

by Roll For Combat

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Continuing and expanding the incredibly successful Year of the Monsters, Roll for Combat is pleased to announce that 2024 will be the Year of Legends!  Throughout 2024, a new playable ancestry or race will be released monthly as a PDF, Foundry module, and digital assets. In keeping with our Battlezoo Ancestries line, each ancestry will be expansive and lavishly illustrated, with substantial explanations of the different facets of their society and plenty of mechanical options to enjoy. The Year of Legends will consist of:

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  • January: Angels are the hosts of the heavenly realms, who sometimes fall from their original duty and take on their own calling.
  • February: Evil eyes are creatures whose bodies are made up mainly of an enormous eye, which can become capable of various magical effects.
  • March: Sphinxes are creatures with leonine bodies who typically love riddles and mysteries, though some of their heritages might buck that trend.
  • April: Gargoyles are proud hunters of the night who can take the form of statues to hide in plain sight.
  • May: Werecreatures can transform into an animal form or a hybrid form, and they feel the call of the wild when the moon is full.
  • June: Lamias have a humanoid upper body and a snake or lion lower body, originating from a powerful curse many generations ago.
  • July: Giants look like enormous humans and are often associated with an element like fire or ice.
  • August: Golemborns are living creatures who possess certain golem properties.
  • September: Swarmbloods are creatures whose internals comprise a swarm of tiny creatures.
  • October: Psychopomps are guides of the dead who help souls pass on and destroy undead and others who disrupt the cycle of life and death.
  • November: Cerebrophages originally formed when an incutilis bonded symbiotically with a human host rather than killing them and puppeteering their bodies, and they devour the brains of humanoids to maintain their unique biology.
  • December: Arboreals are trees that come to life, often serving as guardians of nature.

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Can we count on your pledge for our upcoming project?

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