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Suit Up for The Substratum Protocol

by Pandion Games

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A Solo+ survival mystery TTRPG utilizing step-down dice and card draw mechanics, Substratum Protocol is playable as both a solo game or guided by a GM, players take on the role of the earth’s best remaining scientists.
On their grueling journey to the earth’s center, the Substratum Expedition will overcome challenges, gain clues and knowledge of the interdimensional portal, discover creatures, aliens, cosmic horrors, and ultimately assemble their final hypothesis to overcome the apocalypse that stands before them.

Descend. Learn. Survive. 

  • Purpose-built for solo and multiplayer mysteries
  • Unique dice and card draw resolution mechanics
  • Take special Actions whose outcomes chain together
  • Collect beaten cards during Skill Checks to power your suit's abilities
  • A self-contained story, with unlimited possibilities and outcomes
  • Quickly build unique and interesting characters at the table
  • 36 unique clues to discover, 36 questions to answer
  • 10 sectors to explore, each one stranger than the last
  • 120 events and encounters to surprise and stump your players.
  • Build the Last Hypothesis: When you've learned all you can, and are ready to try and stop the portal, work with your other scientists to pour over your knowledge of the portal and construct your Last Hypothesis to enact your plan. Will it be enough?

Substratum Protocol is our entry into the Deep Delving Mystery genre like Subnautica and In Other Waters.

  • In Other Waters (video game), by Jump Over the Age
  • Subnautica (video game), by Unknown Worlds Entertainment
  • A New Beginning (video game) by Daedalic Entertainment
  • Armageddon (1998 movie), by Michael Bay
  • Deep Impact (1998 movie), by Mimi Leder 

With over 80 pages crammed full of tables, creatures, mysteries, clues, and questions to answer, this will become your go-to game for impromptu or short-campaign sessions, or solo game nights.

Science meets cosmic horror as players descend to the earth's core to close the portal consuming the planet. The game book, the mysterious scientist writing notes in it, and the imagery itself intertwines hard science fiction with the inescapable, unknowable horrors of an interdimensional portal tearing apart reality.

With over twenty unique and interesting creatures to discover, the bestiary included in the Substratum Protocol is written from the view of a field journal, attempting to make sense of the strange new creatures. Discover creatures similar to ones we know - some you may want to keep as pets - but be prepared to grapple with creatures that eat the literal meaning of objects to sate their semiotic diet.


Are you ready to embark on the expedition?

Join 441 other people!

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