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Mouse vs Cheese Compendium Notepad

by Joe Shimwell, What If Games

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Will the wily Mouse have the creativity needed to capture the Cheese? Or will Cheese use their cunning to outsmart their foe?

Put pencil to paper in this creative drawing compendium and let your imagination run wild. It's a game for all ages that tests your creativity and cunning within the safety of a notepad.

Watch this short video to see what the project is all about

What you'll get

Your very own Mouse vs Cheese tear-off notepad for you to explore your creativity and pit Mouse against Cheese time and time again. This compendium will contain 10 different creative doodle adventures!

Here's an artists impression of what your notepad will look like!

Why should I back?

Mouse vs. Cheese is a fun game and you'll enjoy time and time again. It's perfect for whiling away the hours on a long journey or while sitting around a table on a rainy afternoon. It's a great game for exploring and developing your creative skills and ideas. 

Big enough to play, but small enough to carry, the notepad will sit in your bag, ready for your beautiful doodles whenever the desire for a creative  drawing game strikes. And when you're done, you can share your battle-won masterpieces through a dedicated hashtag on Instagram, view other players' artwork, and together we'll find out who wins: Mouse or Cheese!

The notepad won't just contain Mouse vs Cheese - it will be a compendium of 10 new creative drawing games to take with you and doodle battle until your heart is content!

No, really, why should I back?

You'll be supporting a new games creator (me, Joe. Hello!) to produce more games which I can share with the board gaming community. Any profits from this crowdfunded project will go straight towards the development of future games. I'll use it to pay for artists and graphic designers to help make my next game! This project, is my first and so your support will enable me to deepen my understanding of Backerkit for future projects.

Couldn't I just play this on a scrap of paper?

Sure you could. But would that mean you have a beautifully designed notepad with instructions ready to support you in your creative gameplay? Nope. Would you actually play it? Probably not. Would that support new artists and board game creators (me)? Nope. Also, if you don't back, you won't see the 9 other cool games that make up the notepad!

Can you be confident you'll get the game?

The design files are ready, and I have a print company lined up to produce the notepads. I only need 50 backers to make this a success, and it's not going to cost you much. So, all I need is your support to take this project from idea to reality!

How much will this cost?

Mouse vs Cheese won't cost a great deal (less than £10). Shipping will be charged after the campaign; the form factor is small, so worldwide shipping will be affordable. The full launch page will have really clear details about all the costs involved. 

What does a play through look like?

I've time-lapsed a play through of Mouse vs Cheese with my kid - you can see the game play out with a pretty funny ending - I drew a cheese shop, so that mouse didn't need to get to the cheese anymore, then my daughter drew a 'CLOSED' sign on the door, at that point I knew she had won!

Can we count on your pledge for our upcoming project?

Join 23 other people!

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