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Welcome to Dystopian Knights

by House of Madness Games

Are you bad enough dude?

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Q. Do you like like tabletop RPGs busting at the seems full of miniatures, nerdy references, d!ck & fart jokes?
  • A. Yes i do! i'm gonna enter my email and follow this cause I'm sold already!!!!
  • B. Well yeah duh, but is that it? 
  • C. No, i like boring games but I'll still follow cause i like to support game designers any way I can. I also like to smell my own farts

Q. Do you like the challenge of a well balanced card/dice combat system for both fighting other players as well as multitude of weird creatures?
  • A. Yes i do! Okay, now I'm ready to back this cause I'm not dumb and love not-dumb games!
  • B. Yeah, these things are cool but what else is there?
  • C. Nah, me no smart enough for games that involve basic math 

Q. Do you like a game that feels different every time you play?
  • A. Yeah buddy! Re-playability is what i look for in a tabletop RPG. Here's my email, sir!
  • B. Sure i guess.....but i just buy games for the miniatures so count me in anyway.
  • C. No Way. I'm one of those gamers that buys new games and they just sit on the shelf unopened for years but since this game looks rad as f#ck take my email anyway!

Q. Do you like to laugh in the faces of your friends while you beat the hell out of them for LOOT?!
  • A. Well of course, isn't that what friends are for?
  • B. Okay but I'll have to find some new friends though. 
  • C. No I don't actually have friends other than my mom and cat ಥ_ಥ

  • A. "Badenoughdude" is my middle name!
  • B. Only on the weekends
  • C. Unfortunately i have a deficient "bad dude" chromosome but I'll give it a fair shot

IF you answered A,B, or C for any of these questions then enter your email and SIGN UP and stay tuned cause the fun is just starting.

Are you bad enough dude?

Join 181 other people!

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