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Get Ready for Blots Against Sanity: A Cards-like game from the perfectly healthy minds of students and faculty at Franklin College.

by Franklin College Game Development Program

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You know the game concept: The Shrink plays the Blot Card and the Patients play their Interpretation Cards. Funniest, most interesting, most accurate, or most confused and disturbing — according to the Shrink — wins that round. First to 20 points (or how ever many you decide; we're not your boss) wins the game.

This game was developed during the spring and summer of the 2022-2023 academic year, and features ideas, suggestions, and content from students, faculty, and staff at Franklin College, a small, private liberal arts school south of Indianapolis.

Blots Against Sanity was first debuted as The Blot Game at Gen Con 2023, and was shared with thousands of people who stopped by the college's booth in Community Row during the four-day gaming convention. After some revisions and improvements, we're eager to send the game out into the world and for these students' creation to be seen, built on, and enjoyed by gamers of all kinds.

Can we count on your pledge for our upcoming project?

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