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Beasts of the Beyond: The First Expedition

by Submerged Studio

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The report that landed on Nicholas Gressen's desk was only the first of many, but he was expecting that. You don't send a team into the unknown wilds without expecting trouble in various forms. Perhaps not trouble in the form of hallucinogenic rock frogs.

There was always risk in projects like this, and he did have to put some risks into the presentation to the board of directors. The question was... should this be included in his presentation? The potential for the medical sector to find something profitable in a hallucinogenic frog was high... perhaps he should.

Welcome to the first of our series of books following the Summer War, as the survivors would come to call it.  In the tiny town of Diablo, Washington, an amazing discovery was made. A small cave opened the way to a world of untold wonders and possibilities. It was a discovery that would lead to many incredible breakthroughs in the scientific community... and nearly destroyed our world. 

But that is a tale for later. All stories have a beginning, and ours starts by following a small team of scientists who were chosen by the CEO of Axiom Biotech corporation to lead the first expedition through the veil and into this strange new place.  We will follow their journey as they catalogue their findings and send their field notes back to the Axiom headquarters. We'll share in their successes and their failures, and hopefully... we'll see them all back home safely. Regardless of the outcome of this mission, we will be assured of one thing. Nothing in Diablo will ever be the same again.

Our campaign is scheduled to launch May 2nd at 8 am. Please follow us for regular updates and to be the first to get your copy of the book.  It will be available in both hardback and paperback, and have one hundred full color pages of art and creativity!

Can we count on your pledge for our upcoming project?

Join 35 other people!

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