Get Ready for Bloodpunk: a Victorian Setting and a Dark Adventure for 5E

by Dream Realm Storytellers

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Wars, darkness, gruesomeness, and danger infest the whole region like an epidemic, and people are bound to live in the two hostile cities of the region: Kanrath and Cyheresed, one ruled by vampires and the other ruled by sorcerers. The cities are the only “safe” places to live.

Societies in their current forms became ineffective over time and people developed blood-powered technology with a semi-magical crystal, angst. Blood engines started to be used in trains, zeppelins, radios, guns, and various other ways. Now people must pay their taxes with their blood.

The adventurers of Heritage of the Damned somehow came back to life after their all blood are drained. Now, they are tasked to survive and uncover the cities’ forgotten history. As if that were not enough, their unique condition -coming back to life- pushes them to act and think fast or die.

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