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Start Your Bathtubs, it's about to get Soapy!

by The Teddy Garden

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I'm Theo! Caretaker and owner of The Teddy Garden - a whimsyland of illustrations, animations, plushies and art dolls and home to an eclectic ensemble of characters & creatures.

I'd like to introduce you to the official Garden mascot, Soap the Bear.

  • so what if it looks like there's only one lightbulb on upstairs in that fluffy head of his?
  • so what if he has mysterious leaves growing out of his head?
  • yeah, maybe he does eat all the bubbles in the bubble bath.
  • sure, he probably smells like baby powder and toothpaste(who doesn't?)
  • does he try to pass himself off as a polar bear? maybe.
  • will he eat all of your left socks? almost certainly.

You know what though? he has a GOOD HEART.
and that's gotta count for something, right?

This campaign I am excited to offer not one, not two, but THREE enamel pins of Soap the Bear!
  • Soap, sitting pretty.
  • Soap's rubber ducky, Pato Bata(Pato means duck in several languages and Bata means duck in Swahili 🩵)
  • Teddy Bear Soap.
Each pin will be 1.25" hard enamel with rubber clutches.


Pintopia 2 is here and I am so excited to collaborate with a fantastic fellow artist and her babelicious cow girls.
La Blue Gal and I are offering up TWO FREE COLLAB PINS when:
1) you support both of our pin campaigns
2) both of our campaigns are 100% funded.

Here's my collaboration pin - Soap with a comfy new hat enjoying a delicious beverage ;)

Go check out the Milk Farm Girls!


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Join the Soapy Squad?

Join 72 other people!

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