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by Draco Studios

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Do you want to play with a dragon in your party?

Itza’s guide to dragonbonding is a 300+page volume of exciting new dragon focused content to enhance your 5e games. Discover the thrill of adventuring with a fully realized dragon in your party. One that grows with your characters in size and power. 

Fight epic battles alongside your dragon and go head to head with a range of magnificent dragon antagonists and battle terrifying monsters. Explore new dragon-focused classes and subclasses and when the battle is done, enjoy the spoils of battle, crafting mighty draconic items to empower your whole party. 

How about joining the playtest? 

Shape the Dragonbond: Endless Sagas Universe. Explore Valerna, create your heroes, defeat some villains, test unique powers, feats, rules, and amazing spells in your home 5e game, and give us your feedback.

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