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Get Ready for GM's Strategikon - 5e Compatible Guide to War as a Setting

by Jani Hietikko

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Game Master's Strategikon

Game Master's Strategikon is a 5e compatible campaign guide to running Small War in a fantastical pre-industrial setting, with particular inspiration drawn from ancient warfare and mythology.

It is inspired by various historic works, such as the Strategikon of Maurice, the Illiad, and the Art of War.
The focus lies with players as mercenaries and soldiers within the war, rather than as the commanders.

Strategikon delivers campaign and quest outlines, tables for generating various relevant things, and great deal of inspiration to be drawn from.

The book is setting neutral and uses public domain stat blocks from D&D 5e.

What is Small War?

Small War makes up the majority of military campaigns throughout history, where the troops on their own initiative, or on orders, perform looting and pillaging, scavenging, scouting, hunting, pathfinding, and skirmishing, and of course; preventing the enemy from doing these things.

It is in the Small War that the heroes see most of their fighting, and gain most of their experience, and with that experience they may readily perform daring deeds during greater battles, such as distracting entire segments of the enemy army by striking their war camp, killing their scouts to blind them, facing their skirmishers on the field of war, dueling their champions before a battle, or perhaps even attempting an assassination of their commanders.

With two great armies on the move, the countryside will be teeming with mercenaries and soldiers. Food will be increasingly scarce, and in a magic and monster filled setting, horrendous dangers may be drawn out from the wilds, or produced as a result of such suffering and death.

The heroes will at times spend days or weeks in the wilderness, carrying out missions and make due while the great armies maneuver, wait, and measure up against one another, and at other times may spend great lengths of time within cities and settlements. In the end, it all escalates.


The book will deliver as a PDF, containing at the least the following:
  • Modular campaign outline with helpful tables for generating details.
  • Dozens of environment-dependent tables to be used with modular quest outlines, locations, and encounters.
  • Environments include Wilderness, Rural, and Urban tables.
  • Tables for generating rivals, and instructions on how to use them during the campaign.
  • Flashback system, allowing for short displays of characters outside the campaign of war.

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