"Tree" by Meow Mews. Premium cat furniture. Built to last.

by Meow Mews

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Introducing "Tree" by Meow Mews, the foundation of our premium cat furniture system. Built to last and grow with ever expanding kits of modular add-ons and accessories. 


We love cats. We are devoted cat owners on a constant search for well-designed, high-quality cat furniture. So we set out to create a cat furniture system that can keep our cats happy and healthy, and that fits beautifully into our home, and above all- Furniture That You and Your Cat Will Love!

Our stunning Trees are modular and durable pieces of furniture. They were designed and built to be the last cat structures that you'll ever need to purchase. 

Here is what sets MMs' Tree apart:

  • Durable: made from solid wood and thick non-shedding ropes, it can take all the abuse that your cat can dish out.
  • Sustainably made: crafted from ethically sourced hardwood and other natural and long-lasting raw materials.
  • Modular: features innovative joints that make it easy for you to assemble, customize, expand, and transport.
  • Timeless aesthetics: beautifully combines form and function, designed with elegant curves and produced with premium materials.

Made with Premium Quality Wood

Our Tree is made from solid Beech wood. Our wood is ethically and sustainably harvested. We use certified pet and human safe varnish to protect and enhance the innate character of the wood. All components of our furniture system are durable and built to last.


Beautifully Crafted

We design and manufacture our cat trees to meet the highest standards of premium furniture. We pay attention to every detail, from the gentle curves of the design to the wood selection, work of sanding and polishing, and more. As a result, we created a functional sculpture that will serve you well for many years and look great next to your designer cabinets, sofa, or bed.


Easy to Assemble and Reconfigure 

Meow Mews’ patent-pending joint is the foundation of our modular cat furniture system. Our kits are easy to assemble, transport, reconfigure, and upgrade. Scratching Tree is the starter kit for countless forms of cat trees that we will make possible with future expansions.

patent-pending joint is the foundation of our modular cat furniture system

Our kits are easy to assemble, transport, reconfigure, and upgrade

Weight and Size

When assembled, our Scratching Tree kit is 40.5" tall with a round base that is 17.7" wide. Made from solid wood, it weighs a hefty 21 lbs.


About Meow Mews

We started Meow Mews with a mission to reinvent cats' environment in a way that complements modern homes

During the last three years, we've been studying how cats play and behave, their scratching and climbing habits, how they engage with their surroundings, and more.

Our scratching post kit is the first product we developed, informed by our research and love of cats. It is the foundation of our modular cat furniture system that features numerous patent-pending technical innovations.

Meet the Team:

Adam, Our Mascot and UX director
Turkiye, Our production and QC supervisor
Tango and Cha-Cha, Our heavy-duty Bengals testing squad
"The Kittens" -Drills and surface quality examination team

Tree expansion configuration
Tree expansion configuration
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