Get Ready for The Return of the NORMAL TAROT

by Publishing Goblin

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The wait is coming to an end, my friends... The Normal Tarot Returns!

With a gorgeous all-new, full color edition, illustrated by Ezra Kimbell, the deck bursts to life as never seen before, gorgeously intricate and colored. In this third and final edition, we will see the deck with an all new vision, as well as an updated guidebook to share the artwork of all 3 editions. A 99-card Tarot with seasons in place of suits, a trio of Knights defending their Lady, Queen, and Mother in place of court, and a completely reimagined major arcana. With 2 Jokers, the 3 Omens, the 4 Maidens, the 5 Dreams, the 6 Books, the 7 Dead Kings, the 8 Moons...

But what's that? Why, that's not enough?

The project will feature a reprint of the gorgeous Gold and Silver foil decks of the 2nd edition, as well as a reprint of the original 1st edition deck. 

What other goodies might this final edition of the Normal Tarot herald? It is hard to say, so you'll have to follow along here and join us in the next year to welcome in the beautiful Masquerade-- the Return of the Normal Tarot!

We'll see you there, my friends.

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