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Meet the Ponderous Panzer Tiger I tank

by Metal Time Workshop

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Summer 1942. Europe is on fire. Almost all countries in the region have found themselves drawn into Germany's sphere of influence and are attacking on all fronts. The anti-Hitler coalition deals tangible blows to the Axis armies. British bombs are exploded for the first time in Germany. The Americans stop the Japanese fleet at Midway and the Solomon Islands. But the onslaught of the Wehrmacht's military machine cannot be stopped.

Because a new player entered the arena of battles: the Tiger heavy tank. This 24 ton vehicle with 10 cm frontal armor, 88 mm main gun, two machine guns, a mortar and a cruising speed of 40 km / h, became the unstoppable assault force of the Third Reich.

Get ready for an adventure into history with our upcoming Kickstarter campaign! Introducing the incredible PONDEROUS PANZER Tiger I Tank model kit - a marvel of mechanical engineering and a tribute to the legendary Tiger I tank. 🐅

🔧 Do-It-Yourself Awesomeness: Dive into the world of metal steel craftsmanship as you assemble your very own Tiger I tank. It's not just a model; it's a masterpiece in the making!

🕐 Windup Spring Mechanism: Watch in awe as your tank comes to life with a windup spring mechanism. Wind it up, release, and let the magic happen.

🎯 Rotating Turret: Command your tank with precision using a fully rotating turret. Defend your tabletop territory with style and accuracy!

🏁 Moving Tracks: No detail is spared! The moving tracks add realism to your Tiger I as it glides across any terrain.

🌟 Detailed Exterior Design: Our model captures the essence of the Tiger I tank's iconic design, down to the smallest rivet.

🛠️ Patented Technology by METAL TIME: Experience innovation like never before with our patented technology that ensures smooth operation and lasting quality.

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