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Get Ready for The Crucible, Forearm Training Tool

by DeathGripz, LLC

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Introducing The Crucible by DeathGripz. A new innovative fitness product designed to build finger, grip, wrist, and forearm strength by utilizing progressive overload, and high-volume training. Simply start in the middle, rolling the bar forward or backward, incrementally raising the weight. Continue your way outwards with the progressively thicker/more challenging grips, to the ball attachment that focuses on finger and wrist strength.  The circuit is complete when you have returned to the starting point. Our patent pending design will have your forearms ready to explode!

Do you have what it takes to complete The Crucible?  

Not interested in completing the circuit, that's ok too!  With 4 different grip sizes, users have the flexibility of  choosing the grip that reflects their hand size, fitness level, and goals.

The Crucible can be attached to weight plates/kettle bells, a universal cable machine, body weight resistance, resistance bands for home gym use, or anything that meets your fitness goals.  Please don't use your children as the weight source! I'm speaking from experience.

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Can we count on your pledge for our upcoming project?

Join 25 other people!

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