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Collectors Guild Cafe Adventure Pins!

by Carly K | Mythic Mgmt

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We're going TTRPG this time and offering some adorable new goodies that gamers and Cafe fans of all kinds are sure to love. Our main 6 characters love to play TTRPGs, and now you get to see what their in-world characters would look like. And you'll be able to play them too! We have wooden standees and digital character sheets of each character, perfect for including these adorable creatures into your next game.

Sign up for launch day notification so that you can earn the Early Bird freebie (pledges made in the first 48 hours). And follow Queer & Here by Liz of Snarky Co! If you pledge to both our projects, and both fund, you'll receive a free cross-collab pin and sticker



Want to join the guild?

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