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Get Ready for The Starry Knight Tarot Deck

by Aero Zero

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The Starry Knight Tarot Deck: A celestial 160+ card fully illustrated fantasy themed customizable tarot deck featuring handsome men, monsters, and beautifully designed characters from an original world created by Aero Zero!

A must-have for monster lovers, fans of fantasy JRPG aesthetics, and anyone who likes handsome and stylish characters! 

This is a unique tarot deck made of two combined 78-card tarot decks, with interchangeable cards to customize your experience! 6 Lovers cards to choose from, featuring different kinds of pairings and loves, including MxM, FxF, nonbinary x nonbinary, self-love, polyamory, and more!

Choose your 78-character adventuring party from the 160+ available cards and build a unique tarot deck to take with you on your divination journey!

Comes with a beginner-friendly guidebook with card meanings, example spreads, and fun snippets of lore about each of the cards' characters that relate to the card they represent!

All base deck card art has been finished by this campaign's launch date, and this is a 2nd print run for those who didn't get the deck's first wave of pre-orders.

Sign up below to be notified of when the deck's campaign launches, and be part of a special event where YOU get to help create a new set of cards to be added to the deck - a unique opportunity, only for backers of this campaign! :D

Can we count on your pledge for our upcoming tarot deck?

Join 11 other people!

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