Get Ready for Set a Watch: Forsaken Isles + Doomed Run

by Rock Manor Games

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Set a Watch: Forsaken Isles is a 60-90 minute, cooperative adventure puzzle game for 1-4 players. Forsaken Isles is a stand-alone expansion featuring the same critically-acclaimed gameplay along with some new twists centered around creatures generating Doom.

Doomed Run is a replayable campaign and big box storage solution utilizing content from the Set a Watch product line. As you play, you will unlock new heroes and mythic items for each class, while other heroes will perish.

These expansions are fully compatible with all the other content in the Set a Watch series; creatures, locations and characters can all be mixed and matched together with the original Set a Watch.

The Adventurers in Forsaken Isles are a band of misfits gathered by the Queen Regent and sent out to sea to hunt down the Unhallowed threat.  Each round, our adventurers will sail for new nautically themed locations and face a brand new creature deck centered around the impending Doom.

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