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Get Ready for Cuddles & Snuggles - big plushies for your emotional support & more

by QuirkoryPlus

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Say hello to Cowddles and her Snuggle Frens —  your ultimate stress-relief squad! These super squishy, ultra-soft and soothing plushies, are here to wrap you in warm hugs and cuddle away your worries - to bring you comfort during your life's most anxiety-filled and stressful moments!

In a huggable 60cm/24in size size for cozy at-home hugs and a pocket-sized 12cm/4.72in version for on-the-go cuddles, they're always ready to offer a soothing embrace whenever you need it. 

Pick the one that speaks to your heart, or snuggle up with both versions for a double dose of cuteness and calm: create your full team of anxiety-busting buddies!

Accessories available ✨ A total of 8 colors + 1 rainbow for both bandanas and t-shirts! 

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Can we count on your pledge for our upcoming project?

Join 435 other people!

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