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Get Ready for Curiously Carnal Tarot

by Curiously Carnal LLC

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The Curiously Carnal Tarot Deck was created for tarot enthusiasts. Its underlying motive and intention is to address (or undress!) the personal and sexual repression of our cultural conditioning. The inclusion of nudity is intended to remind us that we are souls incarnate. Our physical body is the result of our deliberate incarnation. We are embodied souls, born naked and unashamed, and this deck is a reminder of that truth.

The use of nude imagery immediately provokes a subconscious or unconscious reaction. Exactly what it provokes is largely dependent upon the reader. Although nudity is not unique in tarot decks, it is rare. This deck is not intended to be pornographic – or solely erotic. It’s designed to provoke a reader’s insights into their own repressive conditions. What you resist, persists. What you repress, will still express.

What makes this deck unique is that it walks a line between the erotic and the natural. It is not simply about Eros: it is more of an invitation to intimacy. There are no other decks that walk this line.

The art is both innocent and erotic. Its erotic innocence will appeal acoss all demographics.

The paradoxical imagery (both naive and bold in appearance), the complex symbolism, and the psychologically-rich ideas presented in this deck make it highly marketable.

The structure of the Curiously Carnal Tarot follows the Western esoteric traditions: Thoth, Golden Dawn, Rider-Waite, and Jungian influences. There are occasional uses of symbolic elements from Pagan and Eastern traditions and other sources. Its handwritten subtitles and keywords make this deck accessible and easily understood by novice tarot enthusiasts.

This deck is meant to encourage readers to reveal or expose their deeper fears and/or desires. It is designed to get people to look at their own erotic desires, to help them discover how Eros functions in their lives, and to help them find out where their repressions originate. These revelations allow people to experience greater intimacy with others and authenticity with themselves, along with increasing personal awareness and curiosity about one’s erotic nature. Less repression equals less shame about your body and sexuality and results in increasing freedom of expression and greater fulfillment of desire.

More freedom, and fewer ties to inauthentic scripts and conditioning from the past leads to a truer expression of authenticity. If one doesn’t know oneself, what can be shared with another except confusion? A greater connection to Eros increases the ability to be intimate. Intimacy is about revealing fully authentic versions of one’s self. Knowing one’s self better and knowing our drives and motivations creates greater intimacy, while hiding and repression create barriers to intimacy and personal power. Revelation is more powerful than divination.

This deck will empower readers to find their own answers within – rather than looking for prescriptions or instructions from outside sources. It can help explicitly address and explore one’s own erotic nature and erotic instincts. There are few other avenues explicitly designed for this. Spirits don’t have instincts. Instincts are carnal.

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