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Werewolf in the Dark!

by Tuesday Knight Games

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From the Team that Brought you Two Rooms and a Boom comes...


Designed by Alan Gerding (Two Rooms and a Boom) and Andy Patton (Dead Last),
Published by Tuesday Knight Games (Two Rooms and a Boom, Mothership RPG, That's Not Lemonade), comes the unforgettable game that combines the classical game of Werewolf with hide-and-go-seek, Werewolf in the Dark!

  • The social deduction of Werewolf
    • Who among the villagers is the Werewolf?
    • During the daylight phase, vote to eliminate a player you suspect of killing others at night.

  • The childhood intensity of Hide-and-go-Seek
    • During the night phase, everyone hides in pitch black darkness
    • Only the Werewolf can double tap you, eliminating you.

  • A never-ending night only the dead can cure!
    • Don't get too cozy in your hiding spot, as a Werewolf can win in a single night.
    • You must venture out and find a body to end the terrifying night phase.

  • Dozens of roles with unique abilities
    • Many different monster types
    • Many different "villager" roles, 

  • No need for a host, everyone plays

  • Elimination is only the beginning!
    • Eaten by a monster? Eliminated by vote? No worries.
    • Everyone comes back as one of many different types of "ghosts" to enhance the game.

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