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Get Ready for IN THE LAND OF THE DRAGON #1-2: Cyberpunk Fantasy Comic Book

by Brant Fowler

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This campaign offers the first two issues of our action-packed Cyberpunk fantasy crime thriller, IN THE LAND OF THE DRAGON!

Issue #2 Main Cover, by Lorenzo Re & Stefano Ronconi

If you supported the first campaign, you know how quickly we threw you into the action and the overall plot. With issue two, there's still plenty of action, but we also slow it down a beat. We visit with Kenzo and Jennifer and get to know them a little bit more.

Issue #2 Variant Covers, by Lorenza Pigliamosche, Lorenzo Di Santo & Federico Sabbatini

If you haven't read the book yet, check out this extended preview:

Issue #1 Main Cover (Re & Ronconi)


Here's a little about the story:

The mercenary Kenzo is tasked with an unusual mission: kidnap a baby! Not just any baby, though, one whose existence can shift the seat of power in the sprawling metropolis.

In the Land of the Dragon is a cyberpunk comic book set in a world not unlike our own, except that magic exists as an equal force with science and is used to start - or finish - wars that devastate this world.

Kenzo & the baby

Mercenaries like Kenzo work for various corporations as guns for hire to carry out their dreadful will. The most powerful of these corporations, "The Dreamless," has commissioned Kenzo to take this child from their arch-enemies, "The Children of the Kingdom of Heaven."

As the secret this child bears comes to light, Kenzo will have to choose whether to follow the code of the mercenaries or put the child first to save her from the "destiny" these corporations have laid upon her.

Cybernetic Soldier

Throughout this series, Kenzo and his allies will battle the likes of soldiers, cybernetic wizards, alien-like warriors and monsters born from the fusion of magic and science.

In Issue 2...

Kenzo, on the run, hides the baby with a friend while trying to figure out which side of the war he should really be on. Meanwhile, the two warring corporations are searching high and low for the mercenary and their prized possession: the baby.

Will Kenzo make the right choice? Can he survive the night when even his closest allies are out to get him? And just what is so special about the baby with the golden eyes?


  • Fans of comics like Bloodshot, Global Frequency and Ghost in the Shell.
  • People who love action/sci-fi/horror like Blade Runner and Johnny Mnemonic.
  • All those who support comic books by young emerging authors who want to tell very hard stories in total freedom.
  • To all those who love Japanese anime and manga that combine folklore and modernity, creating a complete and exciting narrative universe.

Issue #2, Page 1

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