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Get Ready for Indominant, a Superhero Tabletop RPG

by Odin's Key Gaming

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Indominant is a Superhero Tabletop Role Playing Game where you get to be the Hero, or Villain, you’ve always wanted to be! Save the day or take over the world by creating your Super with plenty of room for player creativity and many customization options. Indominant has tactical combat paired with free-form social and exploration rules that focus on rulings over rules. Our main pillars of design are player freedom of creativity, and balanced customization options. What sets this system apart is unique and deep character creation and customization, which is supported by multiple systems that give you the true feel of being a Super powered hero!

What are the Rewards?

The rewards for this campaign will be PDF and physical copies of each of the 3 Core Rulebooks, as well as the physical Game System Primer (which is already printed and ready to ship!) for those that want to get started with a lower barrier to entry and try the game out before fully committing to any of the Core Rulebooks. The physical copies of the 3 Core Rulebooks will be 8.5" x 11".

For those that follow our campaign before launch, we will be sending you a FREE PDF of the Game System Primer (our QuickStart guide)!

If you Back us within the first 48 hours, you will also get a free pre-made Mission Arc, which has a storyline and setting location, to help you and your group get started playing the game!

So, what are the 3 Core Rulebooks?

The Super's Information Codex
The player's guide to Indominant. This book provides everything needed to learn the rules, and create a Super in Indominant. With all 5 Archetypes, 10 Powersets, Origins, Backgrounds and more, this book provides you many options to create your own unique Super!
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The Comic Editor's Compendium
The Comic Editor's (what we call Game Masters) guide to running the game, with many tips, tricks, and information to help you run the best and most fun game you can! This book includes all of the rules and systems, as well as behind the curtains balancing information to let you set up your own encounters, and even create your own Threats!
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The cover art for the Comic Editor's Compendium is not yet complete. We will update this with the completed art as soon as it is available.

The Threat Index
Filled to the brim with the many monsters, mobsters, and mayhem, known as Threats, that Supers will have to deal with or save the day from! This book is a supplement to the Comic Editor's Compendium.
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Deep Character Customization

Supers in Indominant can be created with any combination of: 5 Archetypes, 5 Species Types, 10 Powersets, 5 Origins, and 7 Backgrounds!
Every Powerset has 48 unique powers to choose from, and each Archetype-Powerset combo comes with 30 total Talent choices. There are billions of possible combinations between the available options to choose from!

So many different Supers and Threats can be found in the Indominant Universe!

Explore a Vast Universe

The Indominant Universe is a futuristic, sci-fi setting filled with Super powered people where intergalactic travel has become possible via Thauma-Tech Gates which allow even large ships to instantly travel between galaxies. The Intergalactic Defense Council unites all Species in an effort to create a safe network of planets and a fair and welcoming governing body.

With intergalactic travel being possible, the number of locations available to see is nearly infinite!

Who is Odin's Key Gaming?

We are a small new company made up of two devoted fathers who love tabletop gaming! Ricky Rivera and Zarek Odynski are two Las Vegas locals who had an idea, and the drive to make it a reality. We have used our love and devotion to our families as the fuel to keep us going, learning, and improving in this exciting venture!


We will be fulfilling this Backerkit Campaign using DriveThruRPG Fulfillment. Books are printed in USA and the UK. DriveThruRPG is a registered trademark of Roll20, LLC.

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