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Get Ready for Outgunned Adventure

by Two Little Mice

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It’s been a while.
The world out there is full of unexplored jungles, lost pyramids, and cursed temples that are just waiting for an unprepared explorer to slip up.
 Collapsing floors, creaky bridges, poisoned darts, fire jets, and rolling boulders… You can expect all that, and even more.

Adventure is back.
Outgunned Adventure is a pulp adventure game inspired by the classics of the genre, from the immortal Indiana Jones, to The Mummy (1999). In Outgunned Adventure, the Players take on the role of brave Adventurers in search for an invaluable treasure.

Outgunned Adventure is the first Genre Book in the Outgunned Line, and you can play it either standalone or as an expansion for Outgunned.

Outgunned Adventure features a game system called Director’s Cut, a set of mechanics that uses small pools of six-sided dice to determine the outcome of the Heroes’ actions.
When rolling dice, your goal is not to score the highest or lowest possible number, but to roll two-, three-, and four-of-a-kind.

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After the smashing success of Outgunned – Cinematic Action Roleplaying Game, Two Little Mice invites you back into the action with one of the greatest movie sub-genres of all times: Pulp Adventure. This is your chance to go on a new and breathtaking adventure, or to get your hands on the great treasures from the first Outgunned crowdfunding campaign.

And we have more surprises in stock for you.

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Can we count on your pledge for our upcoming project?

Join 6,927 other people!

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