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by Central Michigan University Press

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How might you live if I told you that time is a lie?

What will you write on this life? What will you make, what will you change, which of your gifts will you give away?

And what, my friends, will you keep?


Five Hundred Year Old Vampire (FYOV) is a multi-player keepsake role-playing game that adapts the award-winning Thousand Year Old Vampire (TYOV) into a new collaborative play experience suitable for both fans of TYOV and students in an educational setting.

As in TYOV, play in Five Hundred Year Old Vampire progresses semi-randomly through prompts answered with writings from the vampire’s perspective, but FYOV also includes player-created artifacts and rules for multi-player vampire Cohorts.

Five Hundred Year Old Vampire will see the players' Vampires gradually lose their humanity and struggle to adapt to a changing world. The Vampires will do things the players would not, both monstrous and awe-inspiring, and players will record these deeds through journaling and artmaking.


You can read more about the game before the campaign launches on Dicebreaker.

Listen to this episode of the Beyond Solitaire podcast to hear an interview with designer Jason Cox about Five Hundred Year Old Vampire.


DESIGNER: Jason Cox, Ph.D., University of Toledo
ARTIST & ART DIRECTOR: Jabari Weathers
ADAPTATION BASED ON: Thousand Year Old Vampire, by Tim Hutchings


Five Hundred Year Old Vampire is a 3-5 player role-playing game about memory, death, loss, art, and everlasting life suitable for both casual play and classroom use from Central Michigan University Press. 

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