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Get Ready for Objective Control Tabletop Game Aids

by Objective Control

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Hello, Chris and Ryan here from Objective Control and founding members of the Rochester NY Warhammer Gaming club. We are passionate tabletop gamers. Our love of the grimdark universe goes deep.

Chris started collecting miniatures at the age of 10 and stepped into the realm of Warhammer at 15, never to return. Ryan is a new and vibrant entrant, coming into the hobby during the swell of 2020 when many folks needed something to do with idle hands. Our combined passion formed a fast friendship. Together, with the help of many others, we grew our local community to over 200 active hobbyists, and began to run events. We love our players and, as a door prize, we made them all custom club objective markers that were wonderfully received. 

Both of us were shocked by the quality of the markers and began putting our heads together on how we could offer the world a similar item and even expand to offer a full product lineup. With the support of our club and some early ETSY shoppers we now offer a wide range of products, made 100% here in Rochester NY, USA, including color options that we can make ready at scale if we achieve certain funding goals. 



For real, this stuff is like a miracle material. It does not scratch easily and no finger prints are visible at all once laying on the mat. Its flexible, durable and light-weight. Each full objective set weighing in at 4oz and the full terrain sets come in under 12oz with a material thickness less than 0.5mm. 

Your immersion is totally unbroken during the game and there are no disputes on model positioning. The low profile doesn't cock dice or tip models and the sleek design reduces visual noise on the table.  
After many prototypes we really knew we were onto something. We began to expand to develop more and more tabletop game aids and are actively pursuing patents.

The one thing that makes our game aids really stand out is the materials processing. We use a signature polymer-blend material that is scratch resistant, flexible, and reduces the visibility of fingerprints and smudges. Our process to design and manufacture these items grants us extreme precision leveraging state of the art practices and machinery. The thin underlayment of high-pigment-strength inks present a no-slip-grip that helps stand fast during the most trying of battles. 


Although the precision objectives have proven to be very popular, rising even more in popularity (and a product we're most proud of) is our terrain footprints. With the onset of the newest edition of our most beloved wargame, there is a great need to balance and define terrain before the first die roll. Our terrain footprints allow any player to adapt their custom setup to the new edition instantly.

When we first started our business we set out with a mission to bring affordable gaming aids to the tabletop players of the world. This hobby is not cheap to enter, nor is it easy to grasp for beginners. 


Our game aids make the gameplay experience easier for new players and faster for veterans, leaving little room for disputes on model positioning and intent. We are now proud to embark on a Kickstarter journey to get us the funding we need to bring our product fully to market.

We initially launched on ETSY with great success and are overwhelmed by the early support. Quickly reaching 5-star best seller status with over 250 items sent out in the first two months. But now we are looking to get more funding to turn this passion project into a business that can scale to offer affordable game aids to all players across all games in every part of the world. 

We are extremely excited that our early supporters hail from all over, we have already shipped initial product samples to 17 different countries. Early supporters are giving us incredible praise for the quality of our items saying overwhelming things like...

 But don't take their word for it, see them in action yourself!

 Thank you all for reading this far and considering our product. We are excited to embark on this adventure and get our items out in the world.

Can we count on your pledge for our upcoming project?

Join 29 other people!

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