Get Ready for Kobolds Ate My Baby RPG - Polymorph Edition

by 9th Level Games

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Kobolds Ate My Baby! polymorph Edition  

Planned Launch Date: January 24, 2023

If you can believe it Kobolds Ate My Baby in Colour is almost 10 years old. 10 YEARS MAN! In that time 9th Level Games has developed a new, modern rules system called polymorph. It makes roleplaying super quick and easy to learn and run. 
What are we offering? 

  • Kobolds Ate My Baby RPG polymorph Edition
  • Plush Kobolds for MEGA CUTENESS 
  • Opportunities for SUPER KAMB FANS to get involved 

  • We are an indie tabletop publisher that has been around since 1999!
  • Best known for Kobolds Ate My Baby, Mazes Fantasy Roleplaying, The Excellents, and Schrodinger's Cats card game. 

9th Level relies on Crowdfunding 
  • We have successfully run 20 crowdfunding campaigns over the years on Kickstarter
  • The funds brought in from these campaigns make it possible for us to make cool stuff, print more copies, and ultimately get the best products out to our fans. 

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