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Get Ready for Radiant: Guardians of Light

by Chorrus Games

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Grab some of your favorite Beat 'Em Up games, let's now add some RPG Elements, a crafting system, super cool magical powers, tons of enemies, bosses, amazing art, a completely personalized and curated soundtrack, and of course, a great story with deep Lore to fully connect with the world of Helia. 

Once everything is blended with 4 years of work and a lot of passion, we end up with "Radiant", a love letter to 80s Beat 'Em Up games with several features that were simply impossible back in the day.
We want to give a breath of fresh air to gamers and offer something different!

Take on the role of Ainar, the chosen one, as you confront the tyrant Gultar, the adept of Darkness, who has plunged the realm into despair. Overcome powerful minions, forge alliances, learn new abilities, and craft powerful equipment to vanquish the darkness and bring light to Helia.

  • Co-op mode:
    A worthy Beat 'Em Up game must feature some kind of co-op mode, just like we used to play in the good old days in the arcades. Have fun with friends, family, or your partner. Join forces with Quinn, the last apprentice of the legendary Ophana, and embark on this captivating adventure together. Strategize, coordinate your attacks and unleash devastating combos as you take on waves of enemies and challenging bosses. Relive the joy of playing games together and create unforgettable memories.
Encounter a diverse cast of enchanting characters throughout your journey. Some will aid you in your quest, providing valuable information, quests, and upgrades. Others will serve as formidable adversaries, testing your skills in intense battles. Immerse yourself in a rich narrative, filled with memorable personalities, each with their own backstory and motivations.

Make sure to check all our rewards, one of them could be based on you or someone you want to!

Explore five captivating zones, each brimming with intricate details, lush landscapes, and hidden secrets. Traverse vibrant forests, desolate wastelands, castles, and more as you unravel the mysteries of Helia.

Prepare to face off against five tough bosses, each of them represents a corrupted elemental force—Water, Fire, Earth, and Wind— above them all, Darkness. They will present a unique and challenging battle, we have carefully designed all behaviors to provide a super fun experience and satisfaction once defeated, if you can...

The law in this beautiful landscape has sadly been disrupted. Commercial routes have been hampered by numerous bandit raids. The people of small villages live in fear and are forced to pay a tax to the palace. The forests and hills are infested with well-organized bandits working under an unknown leader.

Lately, the cocoballs have been more aggressive than usual. Thorny roots have grown, covering the entrances to this magical place. Cutting them is worthless as they instantly regrow. Dark magic surrounds this forest, but it is the fastest shortcut to reach the palace.

The cold and spine-chilling tranquility that once shrouded these lands was disrupted with the rise of Gultar as the new king. Merchants speak of bodies left there by the war, bodies that never found the rest they deserved, now roaming freely under the dense fog.

The ancient Helix Palace is now as gloomy and sinister as Gultar himself. Since he ascended to the throne, a perpetual darkness enshrouds the castle. The most loyal adept soldiers make up Gultar's personal guard, the last and formidable line of defense that turns the castle into an almost impregnable fortress.

Battle hordes of unique enemies that populate every zone, each with their own attacks, behaviors, and weaknesses. Engage in fast-paced combat, chaining together combos and utilizing your upgraded skills to overcome waves of adversaries. Adapt your playstyle to counter different enemy types, ranging from agile rogues to heavily armored brutes, or even wizards!

We all love to craft, right? A whole genre of games grew out of it. We didn't want to forget about it on Radiant so you will be able to gather resources and materials from defeated enemies, hidden chests, and quests to create powerful equipment and potions. Customize your playstyle by crafting weapons, armor, and accessories that augment your strengths and mitigate your weaknesses. Experiment with different combinations to discover the most effective builds for your journey.

Can we count on your pledge for our upcoming project?

Join 14 other people!

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