Own Your Stigma Part 2 - A Pin Campaign

by The Snarky Company

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In 2019 The Snarky Company launched the first Own Your Stigma Campaign on Kickstarter, a pin collection about mental illness, mental health, and stigma. This campaign was a huge success, raising over $214K and garnering over 4500 backers. We're back at it and launching our second OYS campaign, aptly titled, Own Your Stigma Part 2. 

Own Your Stigma Part 2 will be a collection of pins, stickers, and items that continue the conversation about mental health and stigma. 
What you can expect from this campaign: 
- Popular pins from the first campaign redesigned and in different color ways
- New pins, stickers, and other items themed around mental health and stigma
- Community polls and input on designs
- A smaller more manageable campaign with the intent to ship rewards in a timely manner

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