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Your Rûnebeasts Adventure Begins!

by Paranoia Rising Games

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In the Rûnebeasts Deck-Building Game, capture and summon creatures in your quest to be the ultimate beast-tetherer.

Rûnebeasts gives players the chance to evolve their beasts to make them stronger. Players can even try to catch the coveted legendary rûnebeasts! To win the game, players will have showdowns with their opponents around the table.

In this twist on classic deck-builders, each player will start with an asymmetric deck full of beasts. They will use those beasts on their turn to fight and attempt to collect more powerful beasts in the market, to collect gems and get bonuses, or to power up and evolve their beasts!

Each of the 10 different beast types provide different benefits, so you can customize your deck to fit your play-style. Will you roll the die and take your chances with legendary beasts, or take a more conservative approach?

Halfway into the game, players will start to engage in showdowns; programming their beasts in their hand and gaining points for every battle won. Earn 10 points to win the game!

Would you like to learn more?

Join 12 other people!

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