Designed with the travelling gamer in mind, the A-CASE is a durable and portable storage solution made from steel that uses magnetic shelves to keep miniatures and larger-sized model armies protected and battle-ready.

A-CASE, founded by Aleksander Pawlinski, was initially funded through a small campaign on Indiegogo. The tasks of managing pledge information, backer data, orders, and shipping were done by Pawlinski, which proved arduous, time-consuming, and beset by errors. The second time round, Pawlinski decided to run a Kickstarter campaign, which turned out to be much larger than expected – the project raised $161,329 from almost 2,000 backers. Making the post-campaign process as seamless as possible was the number-one priority.

The Challenge: Managing Mountains of Data

"The idea of crowdfunding seemed magical to me," Pawlinski says. "You could bring your idea to the people and have constant feedback to improve your product." As a first-time creator, the learning curve was steep. "It took me a lot of time to understand how it works," Pawlinkski says. "Even though there are resources available online, you’re basically learning by doing."

Pawlinski ran two crowdfunding campaigns for the A-Case. His first attempt on Indiegogo raised $13,785. Because of its relatively small size, Pawlinkski chose to manage the post-campaign elements himself using Excel. It proved more difficult than he anticipated: every time a backer wanted to change their pledge or address, he had to make edits manually. Errors were inevitable, particularly when it came to obtaining accurate counts for production. "I made many mistakes and miscalculations," he says.

The second campaign was bigger and scarier, but I knew that BackerKit has a great reputation.

Drawing from his past experiences, Pawlinski was now determined to do things differently. He knew that he would need to enlist some help to stay organized and keep his backers happy. "To manage everything would be arduous," he says. "I needed something to let me manage all this information, payments, contact details, in one place."

Pawlinski turned to BackerKit as a way to manage the complexity of campaign admin, after hearing recommendations from backers and other project creators. "A lot of backers have run their own campaigns, and many of them are familiar with BackerKit," he says. Working with BackerKit, he says, was a stamp of approval for his campaign.

The BackerKit Experience

Pawlinski soon found that the software offered him all sorts of features he hadn’t previously considered, including the ability to generate revenue through post-campaign sales. He ended up making an additional $84,627 in pre-orders and add-ons, which he says provided him with a healthy buffer to cover the costs of shipping and undertake intensive product research. "I’ve already profited using BackerKit," he says.

What’s more, he found that BackerKit’s software was user-friendly and intuitive . "The logic behind the software is simple in a good way; I never felt overwhelmed." He also enjoyed the support of friendly and professional BackerKit Success team, which walked him through the features he could use to ensure his project’s success.

The Creator Journey

Pawlinksi says that BackerKit’s automation of admin elements spared him thousands of hours that would have otherwise been spent on poring over and manually updating spreadsheets and responding to backers individually. "Now I’m so happy – I have all the data there, ready to export. I can manage all the information in one click." As a result, it’s made the fulfillment process smoother and stress-free.

"I’m already recommending BackerKit to other creators," he says. "If someone uses BackerKit, it means they are serious – it’s a mark of credibility."

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