Meet Canary

Canary wanted to engage with the public before, during, and after the creating their product, and that’s why crowdfunding made perfect sense.

How They Used BackerKit

Canary set out with a $100,000 goal and ended up raising $2,000,000. When the campaign was over, the Canary to-do list was a mile long and they knew that Indiegogo wasn’t going to be able to help them with everything. They needed to collect outstanding international shipping fees, ask backers to confirm or update their mailing address, ask backers to choose (or change) their color selections, and give backers the option to purchase additional Canary devices—BackerKit was the perfect solution.


contributors supported by our support team

Front-line backer support.

With over 7,000 contributors, BackerKit’s front-line support helped Canary stay focused on product development.


all contributors easily into BackerKit

All with a click of a button!

BackerKit’s auto-import feature allowed all of Canary’s contributors and their pledge information come into one dashboard with the single click of a button.

Canary is the first standalone home security device to promise affordable peace of mind—a concept made possible through high tech wizardry. There’s nothing else like it. No wonder that thousands of backers raised almost 2 million dollars, making it the largest project ever funded on Indiegogo in 2013.

The Creator Journey

Since the team had successfully fulfilled their crowdfunding campaign promises, Canary has been well-received and continue to grow all with the help of their initial happy supporters. Today, Canary is still keeping homes all around the world safe!

“We initially considered building a solution in-house, but once we learned that BackerKit had all of these capabilities, plus customer support assistance (and more), the decision to partner with BackerKit was a no-brainer.”
Jon Troutman, Co-founder and CCO

"Before we partnered with BackerKit, we were receiving quite a few emails from backers asking how they could change their shipping address or color choices. BackerKit made it easy for our backers to do this on their own and know that all of their information was up to date.”
Andrew Kippen, Head of Marketing

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