London-based start-up Mous creates elegant solutions to everyday problems. Its first product, the Mous Musicase, made losing one’s headphones a thing of the past by building the earbuds directly into the phone case. Its most recent offering, the Limitless iPhone case, protects your smartphone from damage without adding unnecessary bulk. Its 2016 Indiegogo campaign for Limitless cases raised $989,604, exceeding its funding goal by 2779%.

The Challenge: Buried in Data

Mous co-founder James Day never expected the campaign to net almost $1 million – he says the team had their fingers crossed for a more modest amount of $30,000 that would finance tooling and meet minimum order quantities. “It genuinely blew us away,” he says.

The campaign’s unexpected success came with challenges, particularly when it came to backer management: the team had 20,245 backers from all corners of the world. Day had used another pledge manager to survey backers but made the decision to switch over to BackerKit for its backer management tools and backer support service.

Day was in a tough position before moving over to BackerKit. He was using spreadsheets in Google Sheets to manage backer information. But the size of Mous’ campaign meant that encoding and standardizing shipping addresses by hand was arduous. “It was a nightmare having to update address and to track what information had been changed,” he says. In some cases, phone cases were sent to Ukraine rather than the United Kingdom because some backers had filled out their country of residence incorrectly.

Moving to BackerKit

Our success team was able to get Mous up and running on BackerKit once the team reached out for assistance. Day praised the professionalism and friendliness of his success manager, Sean Tilley, who managed a “laborious” transfer of data from Mous’ previous pledge management software to BackerKit. "Sean was working on Saturdays and Sundays because he knew how important things were. It was very impressive. He definitely went above and beyond." Each project that uses BackerKit has a dedicated success manager to ensure their campaign finishes on a high note.

Using BackerKit has streamlined the entire shipping process for Day. He says BackerKit’s address validation feature is a godsend.

We’re shipping out loads of stuff at the moment and I can assure you, the process is going much more smoothly.

Day says BackerKit’s features are well-designed and intuitive. He liked the ability to ‘power search’, which allows project creators to search their database of backers, items, SKUs, reward tiers, and pledge questions within seconds, and the fact that BackerKit automatically sends out reminders to backers who have not completed their surveys. Backers can update any changes to addresses and item selections themselves, which Day calls a “gamechanger”. “The portal is very user-friendly,” he says. “It has a simple user interface, which is really strong.” He even saw a significantly higher backer response rate for his BackerKit surveys.

So far, Mous has made over $35,000 in add-ons through BackerKit – and Day believes that figure is likely to rise. He says add-ons pay for themselves, because it’s most cost-effective for Mous to bundle together additional items into the same shipment to save on carrier fees. “That’s where we profit the most. Shipping is a large percentage of our profit.”

“We have actually profited from using you. The amount of sales we have made through BackerKit has more than covered the costs of using BackerKit and saved me countless hours,” he says.

Outstanding Service and Backer Support

Day says the professionalism of BackerKit’s staff was a huge benefit, helping him to save hundreds of hours of time in managing administrative tasks.

The customer service element that BackerKit does is really essential,” he says. “Not just for helping people complete surveys, but also for the amount of time it has saved me as well.

Before signing up with BackerKit, Day was receiving 150 emails a day, mostly from backers who wanted to change their orders. He says BackerKit’s frontline backer support service helped to drastically reduce that workload, and maintained a friendly, responsive approach to backer support emails. Mike Kent, BackerKit support team lead worked with Day to coordinate on common backer questions and to provide feedback on any new backer issues. Michael has been fantastic on support — he has nailed that friendly approach,” Day says. “Doing customer service is the crux of any brand. I know we’re nailing that part of the business thanks to BackerKit.”

The Creator Journey

BackerKit’s powerful backer management software freed up Mous to focus on delivering a great product. Day says BackerKit has been instrumental in ensuring maximum backer satisfaction and a smooth fulfillment process.

Life with BackerKit is organised and much more relaxing, knowing that the data is going to be accurate. No one can match your software. That’s why BackerKit is amazing.

The Mous team has successfully shipped out rewards for its Limitless iPhone case campaign and has just moved into a new office that has a built-in slide.

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