Odd Bird Games

Tabletop game designer Mark Swanson discovered Eurostyle games in the late 90’s and was instantly enamored. After playing countless games like Settlers of Catan and Carcassonne, he eventually began searching for a game that integrated all his favorite mechanics within an epic, open-world setting. When he couldn’t find the specific game he was looking for, he set out to invent it himself. After 5 years of crafting, designing, and rule-making, he created Feudum and launched his very first crowdfunding project on Kickstarter.

Crowdfunding is the democratization of venture capital. No longer does one need to sell their soul (or half their company) to raise money for their dream. Kickstarter has a robust tabletop gaming community eager to take risks on self-publishers.” -Mark Swanson, Founder

Keeping Up the Momentum

Managing your first Kickstarter project comes with a handful of challenges, many of which are unforeseen. BackerKit can do a lot of the heavy lifting freeing up time to stay focused on your product. Once the Feudum campaign ended, Mark wanted to keep his existing backers happy while offering opportunities for newcomers to lend their support.

Backerkit helps with many critical aspects of fulfilment including confirming pledges, generating a list of orders you can pass along to your shipping company, and allowing for post pledge “add ons” and a pre-order store.

Never Miss a Backer

BackerKit offers a powerful pre-order store you can activate immediately after your campaign ends. It’s easy to setup, and allows creators to craft custom product listings including shipping fees, image galleries, and full inventory control.

Setting up your preorder shop on their system is intuitive and customer support is excellent.

Mark’s pre-order store is embedded on the official Odd Bird Games website and on Feudum’s original Kickstarter campaign page ensuring no one is left behind. All campaign and pre-order backers are organized in one place for comprehensive order management.

Backerkit gives you full admin access to your own ecommerce store from which to sell your products long after the campaign! It’s a critical part of my company’s success.

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