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Crowdfunding insights you can’t get anywhere else.

Whether you are a first-timer or seasoned crowdfunder, Launch can help you have the biggest project possible. With Launch you can...

  • Connect to Kickstarter to get pledge insights
  • Measure the strength of your audience list
  • Leverage your audience and secure pledges
  • Predict pledge amounts by getting early commitments
  • Track pledge progression in real-time
  • Send personalized email marketing messages


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Upload your own list or import your Kickstarter account for instant insights.

Building a strong email list is hard. Launch is the best way to maximize your list potential. Unlike any other tool available, Launch connects directly to Kickstarter to give you real-time pledge results. Test the strength of your own lists and see who has already backed a crowdfunding project and is ready to pledge.

Remove uncertainty. Get valuable project insights right at your fingertips. At no cost.

It’s free to create an account, get insights on your audience, and gain a sense of how successful your project will be. Launch is the easiest and most cost-effective way to ensure your audience helps you reach your funding goal. Work smarter, not harder.

Launch is especially powerful for serial crowdfunding creators.

Launch is great to set a solid foundation for first-timers, but is even better for creators who have run multiple projects. It gives serial creators a sense of the impact possible from their previous backers and what’s possible for their new project.

We help you make sense of your historical crowdfunding data.

Unlike any other tool, Launch connects with Kickstarter to pull historical data of your past crowdfunding projects. Get valuable insights tailored to you so that you can make smarter choices and take action—know how returning backers have impacted your past projects and keep track of the growth of your audience over time.

Get smart live tracking that traditional email services don’t have.

We've built Launch to be the best email marketing tool specifically for crowdfunding creators. Because it connects directly to Kickstarter, you can track new and returning backers for your live crowdfunding projects. Know exactly what percentage of your previous backers have pledged to your new projects, and focus on reaching those who haven’t yet.

Your community is special—give them the great experience they deserve.

No more over-messaging your audience through multiple project updates and general email lists. Send targeted and effective messages directly to this extremely unique and qualified list of potential backers.


Who can use Launch?
Anyone who has a list of fans they want to pledge to their crowdfunding project. Launch especially works well for creators who have ran one or more successful crowdfunding projects. The more projects you launch, the more backer and project insights you will get in Launch.

When can I use Launch?
Anytime before or after your project launches, all the way until it ends. The more you use it, the more insights into your project you will get to help you strategize and adapt to the responses.

What's the cost?
It is free to sign up and get powerful data on your backer list. If you would like to send email campaigns to your list, there is $99 activation fee per project. No email limitations or other fees.

Do you have a demo?
Once you create an account, you can begin to import your audience and see insights with your own data, and start looking at the email campaign capabilities. Some features like seeing the data on your project results require your new project to be live.

Can I delete my data from Launch?
Yes, if at any time you decide you don’t want to use Launch, we'll delete all data you imported.

Do you work with Indiegogo?
You are able to import your Indiegogo backer list, but only Kickstarter allows our system to track who has actually pledged or not.

I have not run a crowdfunding project yet. Will Launch work for me?
Yes, Launch will still work for you! Once you import your audience list, Launch will be able to tell you how strong your list is, and can give you an idea of how interested your list will be in pledging at the launch of your new project.