Monster of the Week: Codex of Worlds

Monster of the Week: Codex of Worlds

A Flash, and the Portal Fades Behind You
9 days ago
by Evil Hat
An illustration of three hunters stepping through a portal. One yells into his radio. The second scans the scene as he totes a pump-action shotgun. The third adjusts her goggles and puts a finger to her ear-piece. Caption: $213,142. 3,644 backers. Thank you.

Thank you for a truly amazing conclusion to this crowdfunding campaign. We smashed the final Double Feature stretch goal which means y'all are getting two cool new ways to play Monster of the Week.

What Happens Next

Most of the next steps happen behind the scenes. BackerKit will process pledges and transfer the initial funds to us. (If you missed out on an add-on or want to upgrade your pledge, don't worry - that will be possible when we shift into Pledge Manager mode.)

On our side, the book is text complete and the final art was submitted last week. So we're gearing up to place the order for the print run.

If you've never backed an Evil Hat crowdfunding campaign, we do our best to deliver on time or ahead of time. Our most recent crowdfunding effort, Apocalypse Keys, funded in October 2022, was scheduled to deliver in July 2023, and began fulfillment this week. That's 4 months ahead of schedule. So while delivery of the Codex is set for September, we're hopeful that (barring supply chain disruptions, weird natural disasters, or extradimensional invaders) we get your books out before then.

We'll keep you updated here along the way.

Although design of the book is finished, the work on the stretch goals is just beginning. This week we'll be sending out final contracts and setting up the tools to create the many Mysteries, Team playbooks, and more that were funded with your support. A quick reminder that the stretch goals will be delivered separately from the physical book. We don't have definitive dates for them, but each one will be released as an individual PDF as they are completed.

Thank You

This was our first project to fund exclusively on BackerKit and you all blew away our expectations. To see over $200k raised for a supplement to a game is a testament to the ardent love out there for Monster of the Week. We're grateful for all your support. From the whole team, thank you.
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