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BackerKit turns crowdfunding into a more repeatable, reliable source of funding directly powered by the fans you gain, keep, and grow with each campaign.

“Excellent, excellent software – the best we’ve encountered – and it made our life way, way easier.”

Brandon Sanderson


  • #1 Fastest to reach $10M in crowdfunding
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“I do not believe we would have reached as many people as we did without BackerKit’s help.”

Meredith Placko

Steve Jackson Games

  • #1 Most funded Steve Jackson Games project out of 90+ campaigns

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“Probably the most fun I’ve had interacting with our backer community ever. This is how all launches should be from now on.”

Cassandra Grove

Mini Museum

  • #1 Best campaign launch for Mini Museum

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Why BackerKit?

It's time you got more from crowdfunding.

More fans

Build a loyal fan base that anticipates each new project, and keep them engaged from pre-launch to pre-order – and into the next campaign.

More funds

Drive peak awareness, demand, and revenue through lucrative pledge-inducing experiences that help you reach and exceed every funding goal.

And waaay more fun

Put the fun back in crowdfunding with memorable interactive moments proven to boost backer fandom, loyalty, and lifetime value.