Prepare your orders for do-it-yourself or third-party fulfillment

Creators needed help organizing order information for shipping.
We made the best tools for DIY and 3PL fulfillment.

Tools designed for Crowdfunding

Ship Any Way You Want

BackerKit is built to solve the challenges unique to crowdfunding. When rewards are ready, creators need to scale from shipping zero rewards to hundreds quickly. BackerKit has the tools, services and partnerships to make it happen.

Ship Any Way You Want

Ship Any Way You Want

Whether you’re shipping your own or using a third-party logistics provider, BackerKit works seamlessly with any shipping software or service. Generate orders and export them to your shipping provider or software service instantly.

  • Robust Data Exports
  • Third-Party Shipping Integrations

Supercharge Order Processing

Supercharge Order Processing

Use our Backer Management tools to filter and group backers for fulfillment and perform other mass actions. Automatically send out tracking numbers once orders have shipped. Take control of your backer data and eliminate shipping mistakes.

  • Automatic Order Creation
  • Backer Management Platform
  • Shipment Notifications

DIY Fulfillment Tools

DIY Fulfillment Tools

Deliver digital rewards to backers automatically through BackerKit, and use our optional BackerKit Postage tool to purchase USPS postage and print shipping labels right at home.

Organized for Shipping

Use BackerKit to keep orders up to date and ready for shipping.

Automatic Order Creation

Every backer survey response becomes an itemized order complete with shipping address and SKU information.

Robust Data Exports

Export your data in a variety of formats for fulfillment center shipping or DIY order processing.

Third-Party Shipping Integration

Send order data directly to your 3PL fulfillment center or DIY shipping software with a click of a button.

Backer Management Platform

Segment backers based on location, items, pledge level, and other filters to make it easy to process orders for fulfillment.

BackerKit Postage

Purchase USPS postage and print shipping labels and packing lists directly. Read more about our optional BackerKit Postage tool »

Digital Downloads

Use BackerKit Digital Downloads to distribute digital files and download codes such as Steam or console game keys to backers automatically.

Web Software

BackerKit is cloud-based software, so you only need a web browser to get started and use all of our features.

Shipment Notifications

Upload a list of tracking numbers to email backers automatically when orders ship.