View and edit backer information all in one place

Creators need help tracking and managing backers.
We give you a back-end system so you can be a wizard.

Everything in One Place

Don’t move from spreadsheet to spreadsheet trying to track and update each backer as you move them towards shipped status. Import your backers and automatically track where they are in the survey and fulfillment process.

  • Backer Import
  • Survey Backers
  • Backer Dashboard
  • Backer Profiles

All of the Tools You Need

Our survey platform gives backers a lot of self-service options, but we still provide all of the tools to make customer service a breeze. Find backers, look up and modify information, edit items, addresses, and pledge levels with ease.

  • Backer Search
  • Backer Notes
  • Backer Changelogs
  • Multiple Administrators

Automate Everything

Leverage the power of software to process payments, get instant reports for fulfillment, and send out shipment notifications. Batch process credit cards, segment backers into groups for mass actions, export data for fulfillment, and send out automatic shipment notifications.

  • Batch Payments
  • Backer Segments
  • Robust Data Exports
  • Shipping Notifications

Filter Backers into Segments

Need to find all of your backers that live in a certain location, ordered a specific item, ordered after a specific date, spent over a certain amount, or share other unique attributes? Create backer segments with our filters to make it easy to find and act on specific backer groups.

Available filters:

More about segment filters »
Available actions:

More about segment actions »

BackerKit Manager

Track and work on all of your backers from a single place.

Backer Import

Easily import backers from Kickstarter, Indiegogo, PayPal, or from most other crowdfunding platforms.

Backer Dashboard

Keep track of backer progress to see how your backers are progressing through the survey and fulfillment process.

Backer Status

We automatically update each backer’s status as they move through the survey and fulfillment process. See where each backer is at a glance.

Backer Notes

Add notes to each backer to keep track of special requests and other information. Notes can be private (visible only to you) or public (visible to the backer).

Multiple Administrators

Add additional team members as project administrators to make it easier to organize and divide the workload.

Backer Segments

Save time with segments. Group backers with a variety of filters to create custom segments that will let you view, modify and export each backer collection.

Shipping Notifications

Batch upload tracking numbers or import them through our fulfillment center integrations to automatically notify backers when orders ship out.

Survey Backers

Send surveys to your backers to gather essential information such as reward preferences and shipping addresses, and raise additional funds with add-on sales and pledge upgrades.

Backer Profiles

View and edit the status, pledge level, order items, add-ons, digital downloads, and shipping address of each backer from their profile page.

Backer Search

Find any backer easily and access their profile page to find detailed information and extensive editing options.

Backer Changelogs

You can’t remember everything. View a backer’s change history to see a list of all of the changes made to the backer’s account.

Batch Payments

Charge cards individually or batch process backer payments. Automatically notify backers when charges are approved or declined.

Robust Data Exports

Export your data in a variety of formats for fulfillment center shipping or in-house order processing.