Meet Lay Waste Games

Lay Waste Games is a startup tabletop game company specializing in creating distinctive games with high-end materials, using a fabric playing surface instead of cardboard and metal and wood game pieces in place of plastic. The company introduced its first game, Dragoon, on Kickstarter and raised $88,020 from 1,295 backers with the promise that you get to play as the dragon.

How They Used BackerKit

The Dragoon Kickstarter campaign started with a modest $9,000 goal which they hit within a few days of launch. The founding team consisted of just four people at this time: game designers Jake and Zach Given, art director Nick Nazzaro, and operations director Jon Ritter-Roderick. Jon explains that the small team had a new problem as their backer count grew each day: “Handling backer questions and keeping track of reward fulfillment was a bit of an untamed beast for us. We had multiple lists that stored backer names and information from various sources.”

Lay Waste used BackerKit to pull all of its backer data and pledge reward information into a central location. Then they followed the BackerKit setup process to create their reward item SKUs and configure their backer survey. “The post-Kickstarter survey is an intimidating process, much like launching the project. BackerKit was so incredibly easy that it wiped away all of our post-Kickstarter butterflies. And when we came across something we didn’t fully understand, the BackerKit team was there to help us out.”


consolidate backer information

No More Spreadsheets!

Keep track of all backer information, survey completion rates, and order fulfillment status in one place.


cover all pledge reward levels

Build Surveys With Confidence

Create unique SKUs for your reward items and build your backer survey with ease using the BackerKit system.

The Creator Journey

Lay Waste Games is just getting started on their journey with Dragoon. Operations director, Jon Ritter-Roderick explained how BackerKit has helped them navigate through a few danger zones:

“Kickstarter does not have a system in place for add-ons, so they can get a bit crazy. You have to have backers over-pledge and tell you what they want later. With BackerKit, their system made add-ons seamless for backers, allowing them to get exactly what they wanted and even get more!”

“BackerKit is a no-brainer for any Kickstarter campaign. We are accepting pre-orders through BackerKit, which allows us to expand our audience further every day.”

“Our backers are the most important part of Dragoon and Lay Waste Games, and failing them is not an option. Thankfully we found BackerKit to handle the mounds of data that were flowing in, allowing us to focus on making Dragoon the sweetest metal dragon action strategy tabletop game ever!”

The Lay Waste Games team is now up to five with the addition of creative intern Alyssa Marshall. They are working on an expansion to Dragoon that allows for up to six players, adding two human players, that will be released on Kickstarter Spring 2017.

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