Success Stories

How StatGear streamlined shipping to stay on track.

Small business specializing in innovative tools for survival, rescue, and EDC industries.

Founded in 2010 by practicing paramedic Avi Goldstein, StatGear has since set a new standard for quality in the EDC (Every Day Carry) world. With nearly 20 Kickstarter campaigns under their belt, and over 15k products shipped worldwide, Statgear has proven time and again they are committed to providing their community the best products and service possible.

  • 15 campaigns used BackerKit
  • $673K raised in Kickstarter
  • 13,939 BackerKit surveys sent
  • Used Kickstarter and Indiegogo

Avoid getting buried in shipping data.

StatGear has collaborated with BackerKit on several projects, ensuring each shipment is accurate and delivered on time. Projects such as the BitzBlade 2.0 multi-tool and the Asus EDC Knife garnered over 3,000 backers. Avi found that managing his backer list in an overstuffed spreadsheet is a daunting task, and there’s too much room for error.

“We've used BackerKit for backer management and postage for about a dozen of our campaigns. It’s so helpful to have one platform that syncs all of our backers’ information and can handle the shipping process seamlessly.”

BackerKit takes the hassle and guesswork out of shipping.

BackerKit’s simple shipping solution for creators provided the StatGear team a quick and easy DIY solution. Organizing your backers into package groups and syncing it with your label printer has never been easier. BackerKit offers a single integrated system for data management, upsells, and fulfillment all clearly visible via the BackerKit dashboard.

“My favorite aspect of using BackerKit postage is the package group segmentation which makes it so easy to batch the printed labels for an organized fulfillment experience.”

Utilizing BackerKit’s stress-free postage saved StatGear priceless time and energy that would have otherwise been spent manually updating spreadsheets and traveling to the post office.

“BackerKit Postage is simply the easiest way to fulfill rewards while keeping all the backer and shipping data together on one simple and intuitive platform.”

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