Activate a powerful pre-order store as soon as your campaign ends

It’s easier than ever to raise extra funds once your campaign ends.

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Keep the Momentum Going

BackerKit Pre-orders let your fans to back your project once your crowdfunding campaign has ended. Once you launch your pre-order store, you can accept orders immediately.

  • Easy to set up
  • Accepts late backers
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Easy and Secure Checkout

Give backers a smooth checkout experience with our mobile-ready shopping cart. Accept credit card payments with our secure Stripe & PayPal Payment Integration. Make sure that your pre-order store can handle any backer on any device.

  • Mobile and Desktop Ready
  • Secure Shopping Cart
  • Stripe Payment Integration

Custom Product Listings

Set free shipping, flat-rate fees, or custom shipping fees based on location. Upload an unlimited number of product images to create compelling image galleries. Give your backers the best buying experience.

  • Custom Shipping Fees
  • Image Galleries
  • Inventory Control

Accept Pre-orders on Your Own Website

Want to accept orders from your own Website? Install our embeddable pre-order widget onto your Website and sell directly to your visitors.

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Comprehensive Order Management

Keep all of your orders in one place. Use the BackerKit pledge management system to process pre-order backers along with your campaign backers. Process orders, export data for fulfillment, or handle shipping all within BackerKit.

  • Pledge Manager
  • Robust Data Exports
  • Fulfillment Integrations

BackerKit Pre-Orders

The painless way to accept pre-orders.

Easy Setup

Use item information from your BackerKit survey to automatically populate your pre-order store.

Custom Shipping Fees

Set free shipping or custom domestic US, international, and country-specific shipping fees.

Pre-Order Widget

Embed your pre-order store directly into your website and let backers place orders without leaving your site.

Stripe Payment Integration

Collect credit card payment information and process payments with your own Stripe account.

PayPal Payment Integration

Connect your PayPal account to collect PayPal payments from backers. Available for Professional and Enterprise Plans.

Inventory Control

Set optional inventory quantities for each item and quantity purchase limits to control limited-supply items.

Robust Data Exports

Export your data in a variety of formats for fulfillment center shipping or in-house order processing.

BackerKit Shipping

Handling shipping yourself? Buy USPS postage and batch print shipping labels with BackerKit shipping tools.

Mobile and Desktop Ready

Allow backers to make purchases directly from their desktop, tablet, or smartphone using our responsive shopping cart.

Digital Rewards

Sell digital reward items and distribute them automatically through the BackerKit Digital Distribution system.

Secure Shopping Cart

All BackerKit transactions are protected with 256-bit SSL encryption.

BackerKit Order Management

Save time by using BackerKit to process your pre-order backers along with your original campaign backers.

Image Galleries

Upload multiple product images to provide backers with more information and increase sales conversions.

Fulfillment Integrations

Send backer orders directly to fulfillment partners through our built-in service integrations.

Social Sharing

Let backers share your pre-order store on Twitter and Facebook.