Manage your backers with confidence

Project creators had trouble surveying backers. We gave them the smartest way to survey.

No More Spreadsheets

You don’t have the time to comb through responses and update spreadsheets whenever a backer wants to make a change. Use BackerKit to control who answers surveys, collect responses, and keep the data up to date automatically.

  • Pledge Manager
  • Custom Pledge Questions
  • Mobile & Desktop Support
  • All Crowdfunding Platforms Supported

Get Smarter Data

Your item counts can change until the day you ship. You’ll also need to gather addresses and assemble the final order information for each shipment. Instantly calculate item counts for manufacturing and export order data with validated shipping addresses for easy fulfillment.

  • Automatic Item Counts
  • Shipping Address Validation
  • Robust Data Exports
  • Consolidate Backer Pledges

Raise More Funding

Backers will ask if they can upgrade pledge levels or if they can buy more items. You may also need to collect shipping. Collect missing shipping fees, recover failed payments, and raise additional funds through pledge upgrades and add-on sales.

  • Add-On Sales
  • Pledge Upgrades
  • Collect Shipping Fees
  • Recover Failed Payments

Don’t Get Buried in Support

Backers need to update shipping addresses, change their survey answers, and ask all sorts of questions. Let backers help themselves with self-service survey edits and rely on BackerKit to handle front-line support to save you time.

  • Backer Self-Service Editing
  • Simple Survey Recovery
  • Front-line Support

We Have You Covered

Sending out surveys can be a stressful experience. Kickstarter isn’t forgiving if you make survey mistakes and Indiegogo doesn’t even have surveys. We will guide you through the survey process and help review your survey before you send them out.

  • Expert Advice
  • Survey Review
  • Edit Surveys Anytime

BackerKit Surveys

We solve the problems that you didn’t even know that you had.

Pledge Manager

Manage all of your backers from your project dashboard. View survey and shipment statuses and monitor backers as they move through the system.

Custom Pledge Questions

Use multiple choice, multi-option multiple choice, and free-form answer question types to create the most effective pledge questions for each pledge level.

Marketing Questions Allowed

Kickstarter doesn’t allow marketing questions in the survey. We do. (But please be responsible!)

Survey Delivery

We email surveys to backers and provide you with a project survey link where backers can go to gain access to their individual surveys.

All Crowdfunding Platforms Supported

We support Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and custom crowdfunding campaigns.

Stripe Payment Integration

Connect your Stripe account to collect payments from backers.

PayPal Payment Integration

Connect your PayPal account to collect PayPal payments from backers. Available for Professional and Enterprise Plans.

Mobile & Desktop Support

Backers can complete their surveys through mobile or desktop.

Robust Data Exports

Export your data in a variety of formats for fulfillment center shipping or in-house order processing.

Shipping Address Validation

Reduce the amount of lost or returned packages. We validate US domestic and international shipping addresses.

Automatic Item Counts

Get item counts automatically from your survey results.

Consolidate Multiple Pledges

If you end up with backers that place multiple pledges, merge them together to consolidate shipping.

Add-On Sales

Are your backers asking for add-ons? Give backers the ability to add more items to their order during the survey process.

Pledge Upgrades

Some of your backers will ask to upgrade pledge levels after the campaign ends. Use our survey to handle that process automatically.

Collect Shipping

Did you forget to collect shipping on certain pledge levels or from international backers? You can collect the missing shipping through the BackerKit survey.

Recover Failed Payments

Send surveys to backers that had failed payments from the original campaign. It’ll give them more time to save up the funds and get back on board.

Social Sharing

Let your backers give your project a shout out on Facebook or Twitter after they complete their survey.

Survey Review

We personally review every project setup to make sure that you have everything covered before sending out surveys.

Edit Surveys Anytime

Made a mistake? Correct it and move forward. Your backers can answer and the data will automatically update.

Simple Survey Recovery

If backers lose their survey they can visit the project page to have a new one sent.

Backer Self-Service Editing

Backers can return to their surveys to edit survey responses and shipping information so you don’t have to do it for them.

Digital Distribution

Distribute digital downloads to your backers from their individual survey page.

Expert Advice

We’ve helped over a thousand projects survey over two million backers. We’ll make sure that you survey the right way.