Our story starts with a successful Kickstarter

Back in the day.


Backerkit Co-Creator

"Max and I were on a small team working on super ambitious idea for an open source social network. That project began as a Kickstarter campaign."


Backerkit Co-Creator

"It was 2010, crowdfunding was still a niche thing. We set a $10,000 goal hoping our friends and family would come through. It ended up being the first six-figure campaign ever."


"To earn that support was incredible and validating. But we also quickly realized, 'uh oh...how are we going to finish this project and fulfill all these pledges?' There were no tools."


"We talked to other creators and heard the same thing, again and again. That's where the idea for BackerKit came from: to build the tools we wished we had."

This isn't just our team, it's your team, too. We're a crew of creators, backers, and
people who like making crowdfunding fun.
Honestly, it's kinda the best.

rules b/c...

It helps you find your people.

It brings weird, cool ideas to the world that might not make it otherwise.

It gives traditionally marginalized voices a fair and open platform.

Two words:
Turtle hat.

BackerKit today.

Ro —

"There are a ton of difficult, time consuming operational things that go into a campaign that BackerKit completely takes off your plate."

Max —

"We are like the unseen back of house for all these amazing creators. We build lessons from successful campaigns right back into the product."


"I love that my job is essentially to help creative people succeed. It’s an endlessly rewarding challenge."


“I'm a software developer. All I want is to make things people need. I feel lucky to get to do that for people who I deeply empathize with.”

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