Hello, Project Creators—

Congratulations on all the success so far with your project! Reaching your campaign goal is a feat in itself, but what many creators don’t realize is that raising the funds is the easy part. Like you, I’ve ran a successful crowdfunded campaign (which started out as a small project, and exploded into something much bigger).

In hindsight, we realized that we could have made lots of things much easier for ourselves if we had some key tools. We heard from fellow creators that they had the same feelings about the post-campaign fulfillment process, so we began building BackerKit to help them handle all the realities of crowdfunding.

We’ve now helped well over three thousand projects get from survey to shipped, and we still use the same process to craft BackerKit as we did when we first started three years ago. We reach out to people, find out about the problems that they’re facing, and then we get our hands dirty and build tools to help them solve those problems.

I’m proud that we were able to put so many smart and innovative ideas from thousands of project creators into BackerKit. I’d love for you to benefit from that work and also throw your experience into the ring to help make tools like BackerKit even stronger for our creator community.

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Maxwell Salzberg

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We are looking to add to our team and build helpful tools together!

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What Our Creators Say About Us

"It's rare that you get the opportunity to work with a company so willing and able to meet the needs of their customers. We wholeheartedly respect that, and that's why we will undoubtedly work with BackerKit to fulfill our next Kickstarter project."

Peak Design
"We have used BackerKit for two very different projects and can't recommend it more highly. It makes fulfillment of both physical and digital rewards so much more manageable than if we did it on our own!"

Robin Gitelman, Harebrained Schemes
"Our Kickstarter backer surveys are ready to go out thanks to BackerKit and their awesome customer service reps! Crowdfunding? Use this!"