About Us

The heart of crowdfunding has always been the crowd

And we want that crowd to keep growing. A community of backers and creators finding something to love. A place where everybody works together to make big things happen.

We’ve got your back

The right tools, the right resources, and endless support for every step of the journey. Plus a welcoming community to encourage you along the way.

We know what’s up

There’s always something new and novel happening in the crowdfunding world. We learn from successful creators and continually improve our offerings so you can focus on becoming the next success story.

We help you stay connected

Find your people and nurture those relationships. As your community grows, keeping in touch gets tricky. We help you make the communal touches feel personal—before, during, and after campaigns.

We make it memorable

Crowdfunding brings cool ideas to life. What’s even cooler is joining the communities that bring those ideas to life. That’s why we take crowdfunding beyond listing pages into a full-fledged experience for everyone.

Our story Join our team

Birth of BackerKit

Once upon a time we ran the first six-figure campaign in crowdfunding history—despite not having the tools to make it simple. So we decided to build the pledge manager we needed and share it with fellow creators.

The BackerKit tool kit

First we built the pledge manager, then we made it better. Other needs emerged over time, so we kept building and refining crowdfunding tools. By continually listening to creators and what they need, we never stop making our tools better.

Crowdfunding by BackerKit

Eventually creators wanted tools for running crowdfunding campaigns, so we built a place for that. And here we are. A comprehensive, consolidated, ever-improving platform for creators and the fans who love them.

Better every time. That’s our promise.

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