Keep your inbox under control with backer support

Creators were overwhelmed with backer support duties.
We formed a team to take care of backers for project creators.

"Can I upgrade to another reward?"
"Help! I think my payment failed!"
"I need to change my shipping address."
"Can I still change my color option?"
"I want to add this item to my pledge."
"When is my reward shipping? Grrrrr..."

Front-line Backer Support

Front-line Backer Support

All backer emails from your surveys go directly into our support ticket queue where we successfully resolve 90% of requests. A dedicated support lead manages your project and reports issues directly to you.

  • Dedicated Support Lead
  • Active Project Monitoring
  • Support Metrics Reporting

Increase Backer Happiness

Increase Backer Happiness

Give backers a self-service experience with survey add-ons and live survey editing. Our support team also works behind the scenes by helping you edit your project survey FAQ. BackerKit prevents support requests before they happen.

  • Backer Self-Service Editing
  • Survey Add-ons
  • Live Project Survey FAQ

Leverage Our Experience

Leverage Our Experience

We have managed backer support for over 3,000 projects with over 4.8 million backers in total. We’ve seen everything. We’ll review your project before you survey and help if you encounter the unexpected.

  • Battle-tested Support
  • Expert Project Review
  • Consultative Support

BackerKit Backer Support

Don’t let support consume your day.

Dedicated Support Lead

A dedicated agent handles your backer support requests and keeps you informed on new developments or inquiries that require your input.

Support Coverage Areas

We can take care of backer questions about surveys, add-ons, pre-orders, address changes, digital file distribution, billing, and tracking numbers.

Active Project Monitoring

We constantly monitor the support requests to spot emerging backer support trends and work with creators to address unanticipated project issues before they grow out of control.

Live Project Survey FAQ

We constantly add new information to your project survey FAQ to answer backer questions to reduce support requests.

Consultative Support

Every project has unforeseen problems. Don’t worry, we’ve seen it all. We can draw upon our experience and propose solutions that will work for you.

Support Metrics Reporting

Receive weekly or daily statistics on backer support requests for your project.

Battle-tested Support

Our support team has managed backer support for thousands of projects, and we constantly improve our system as we learn from each project.

Expert Project Review

We personally review every project setup to make sure that you have everything accounted for before sending out surveys.

Support Training

We train creators on how to manage support outside of BackerKit with guides on how to handle backers in project updates, comments, email, and social media.

Backer Self-Service Editing

Backers can return to their BackerKit surveys to edit survey responses and shipping information so you don’t have to do it for them.

Survey Add-ons

Are your backers asking you about add-ons yet? Offer add-ons in the survey process to let backers help themselves.